Lost and Found is a photographic series created to investigate the female desire for perfection in a culture where the mass-media and social media alike tell women that perfection is the norm. Unlike most of my other series related to domesticity, the photographs in Lost and Found do not image the female figure. Instead they focus on the objects indicative of the domestic, and therefore female, world.

For this series I have photographed bits of detritus found around my house, usually left behind by my children, expelled from my couch, or fallen from dying plants. These relatively tiny imperfections are intentionally photographed out of focus and blown up out of proportion to speak to the idea of feeling small and out of control in the male-dominated and “make-over” obsessed world we live in. By creating painterly, abstract images out of trash, I am taking the refuse of women’s work and elevating it into the realm of abstract art, another area traditionally dominated by men.

Amanda Schilling Photography

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